The Watchman On The Wall

The Watchman On The Wall
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Verse 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Calculating The Rothschild's Wealth

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“The rule of 7” is a basic investing method that calculates that invested money in stocks and bonds doubles every 7 years at 7%. I used that rule to calculate Rothschild wealth.

In 1811, during the Napoleonic Wars, for example, Nathan Rothschild & Sons managed and financed various subsidies that the British government sent to its different allies and loaned funds to pay the British troops – almost single-handedly financing the British war effort. But he also began funding Napoleon Bonaparte in secret, and even used the war to grow his own business.

On July 18, 1815, a courier working for Rothschild informed the English government that Napoleon appeared to be suffering defeat at Waterloo. The English government, believing instead that they were losing the battle, dismissed the courier's report and believed it to be false information. At this point, with England's future seeming dire, Rothschild began selling all of his bonds, encouraging rumors that Napoleon had won and that English government paper would soon be worthless. Due to Rothschild's reputation as an influential, renowned and respected investor, the panicked English public followed his lead. The mass selling resulted in a total collapse of the English stock exchange. It was then that Rothschild's agents began snatching up bonds and stock at record-low prices. Two days later, when Wellington's envoy confirmed that Napoleon Bonaparte had indeed suffered a crushing defeat, Nathan Rothschild was effectively in control of the English stock exchange. As of 2015, the English government was still paying back money owed to the Rothschild family from this Napoleonic maneuver.

Nathan's timing and frugality has led to the saying, "buy on the sounds of cannons, sell on the sound of trumpets," referring to the fact that the start of war is a good time to invest in a nation and that the end of war is the time to sell.

The Rothschild’s financed the Napoleonic Wars from approximately 1803 to November 20, 1815. I estimated they earned $2M off of the Napoleonic Wars and the “Waterloo stock market plunge” they aided in the British stock market. I began with that figure of $2M.

They are today worth a minimum worth $2 quadrillion dollars. The figures below only account for money earned from the Napoleonic Wars. As you know they have financed almost all the wars since and I did not factor that money in, or the money they earn from the private Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world which is immense. They make Soros and Buffet look like paupers in comparison of overall wealth.

You will never see their wealth publicized in the media because they do not want the public to know how much they are worth.

I would love feedback and reader comments on this article.

1812    $2M
1819    $4M
1826    $8M
1833    $16M
1840    $32M
1847    $64M
1854    $128M
1861    $256M
1868    $512M
1875    $1.024B
1882    $2.048B
1889    $4.096B
1896    $8.192B
1903    $16.384B
1910    $32.768B
1917    $65.536B
1924    $131.072B
1931    $262.144B
1938    $524.288B
1945    $1.048, 576T
1952    $2,097,152T
1959    $4,194,304T
1966    $8.388,608T
1973    $16.777,216T
1980    $33.554.432T
1987    $67.108,864T
1994    $134.217,728T
2001    $268.435,456T
2008    $536.870,912T
2015    $1.073,209 quadrillion
2022    $2.14748409 quadrillion

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More Direct Evidence That There Was No Chemical Attack in Douma; Preuves plus directes qu'il n'y a pas eu d'attaque chimique à Douma

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Image result for false flag in Douma

War Crimes Being Committed Against Syrian Children;Crimini di guerra commessi contro i bambini siriani

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Yeshua, we are calling out for your help against this evil.

The Turks, al Qaeda, al Nusra Front, Jaysh al Islam and the Israelis have been involved in this despicable harvesting activity. In an effort to cover up the truth, Youtube has deleted the videos that show war crimes in Syria but Youtube has no problem broadcasting the filth coming out of Hollywood.

The guilty culprits should be brough up on charges of war crimes against humanity and international (Interpol) warrants issued for their arrest.

Someone needs to tell President Trump what our allied, so-called "moderate rebels," actually terrorists are doing to the people, especially the children of Syria.

This is just another reason why Yeshua Hamaschiach needs to come back immediately. This world is unbelievably wicked.

Please take time out of your busy day to watch the videos and read the articles below. May heaven have mercy on us!


Above, a picture of Abu Mohammed. The White Helmets organ traders stole his kidney and part of his spleen.

Were the children above murdered in order to harvest their organs? Only God knows.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Whom Must We Love? Chi dobbiamo amare?

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The Rape of the United States! Updated Apr 24, 18; Le viol des États-Unis!

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by Jon Rappoport
April 24, 2018

Alert to pension fund managers all over the planet---and to everyone else---

"If 1,000 US and global pension fund managers start asking questions it could change everything - like stopping a nuclear war."

That's a statement from former US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and now president of Solari, Inc., Catherine Austin Fitts, who is a financial analyst like no other in our time.

Among other feats, she has identified a giant sucking black hole in the US government.  And what has disappeared down that hole is money.  Over the years, at least $20 trillion.

Unaccounted for. 


If you're a pension fund manager, stop reading this article and immediately switch over to Fitts' article, "The State of Our Pension Funds."

You could begin to see a blinding light that changes your mind and changes your approach to the staggering debt your fund is dealing with.  And in the process, you could help lead the way to a peaceful revolution.  A far-reaching revolution, in which wide-ranging prosperity, not doom, sits up the road.

As for everyone else, here are a few of Fitts' quotes from her mind-repairing article:

"So what is the problem? If it's not a problem for $21 trillion to go missing from DOD and HUD and it is possible [for the government] to come up with more than $20[plus] trillion to give or loan to the banks [in a bailout] when there is no legal obligation to do so and when we [the government] can transfer trillions of the most valuable technology in the world to private corporations at zero cost to them and great cost to the taxpayers, I assure you that fixing whatever pension fund problem there is, is not difficult. However, the political will must exist and want to. That is the problem."

"If we can print money to give $20 trillion [plus] to the banks and let $21 trillion go missing from the federal government, why is it a problem to print $5 trillion to fund the pension funds?"

Failing pension funds are on the hook for $5 trillion, and the federal government has no answer?  Well, that is a supreme con job, because, as Fitts points out, the government is playing far larger money games without a shred of concern.

And this is just the beginning of the rabbit hole Fitts has been traveling for the past several decades.  Here is her basic position: Prosperity for the many, not the few, is eminently possible and doable.

Starting from that premise, and deploying her relentless skills as an analyst, she has discovered the strategies the government and mega-corporations have been deploying to undermine and torpedo an economically healthy society.

Finding and illuminating these strategies was not her basic intent.  Her basic intent was lifting all boats for the citizenry.  In pursuing that course, she came upon the secret obstructions.

And because her desire to help people did not waver in the slightest, she didn't turn away.  She exposed the obstructions.  She continues to do so.

She writes: "Family wealth has the distinct advantage of returning control of investment decisions to individuals. However, this is hardly what the US establishment wants."

"Our planetary governance and financial system currently operates significantly outside of the law. Whether the cost of war, organized crime, corruption, environmental damage, suppression of technology or secrecy, this lawlessness - and the lawlessness it encourages in the general population - represents a heavy and expensive drag on all aspects of our society, our economy and our landscape."

Fitts cites an example of corporate choices in this lunatic money scam---General Electric: "By some estimates, its pension fund is underfunded to the tune of $31 billion.  However, during the time its pension fund became so underfunded, GE spent $45 billion to buy back its publicly traded common stock.  The needed funds were there at one point; it's just that the leadership of the company decided to funnel it into stockholders' hands rather than to the pensions of the employees who helped build the company."

Do you have a pension fund manager?  Do you know a pension fund manager?  Link them to Fitts' article.  It's long past the time when they can sit back and moan about the trouble they're in.  They need to learn about the underlying forces at work.  (And if they're a conscious part of the problem, let them learn that their game is exposed.)

Look around you.  Money is everywhere.  Titanic piles of it are flowing.  The question is, to whom is it flowing, and how, and why?  Within the current system, there are designated winners and losers.  This has to do with criminal controllers posing as benefactors.  They steer the money ship.  They dump shipments of money at certain favored ports and keep shipments from reaching many other ports.

I know there are people out there who will say, "It's all about the illegal Federal Reserve and the transnational bankers."  That's like saying the drug problem is all about the Mexican cartels---but then, digging further, you also come across the expanding opium poppy fields in Afghanistan, the hands-off collusion in Chicago that permits the city to act as a primary hub for drug distribution in the US, the pharmaceutical companies that traffic millions of opioid pills to dealers, and the 2016 law that strangled DEA efforts to bust those companies.

The devil is in the details, and Fitts has uncovered an astonishing number of them.

I first came across her work about ten years ago, when we spoke several times about her specific method enabling local communities to discover money flows---the sources of money coming into their towns and cities, and the destinations of money going out.  This brilliant tool would give communities the power to see exactly how money was impoverishing them, rather than enriching them.  In an effort to make that tool widely available, thus pointing the way for communities to change those flows and foster local prosperity, Fitts ran into legal trouble with the federal government---and "trouble" is a vast understatement.

She emerged, after a long battle, with her primary goals securely intact.

She has answers and solutions.

Answers that are vital for our time.

Fitts was once an insider and had a front row seat at the money circus.  Now, her ongoing enterprise is  I highly recommend it to you..)

If you wish, you can begin watching this video at the 11 minute mark. Catherine Fitts believes the assets of the U.S. government will be stripped by corporate pirates and rapesters. She also believes the strength of the U.S. Dollar is based upon military power and force. 

At the 28 minute mark Catherine states that the U.S. Treasury and CIA worked with the Russian Mafia to Rape Russia financially before Putin came to power.

Catherine maintains that the U.S. cannot solve its economic problems with a political solution because of the huge amount of lawlessness in the U.S.

Evidence That Jaysh al Islam Had Chemical Weapons Compounds; Prove che Jaysh al Islam aveva composti di armi chimiche

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Hexamethylenetetramine, a key chemical weapon compound, found in Jaysh al Islam's chemical laboratory in Douma.

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Halleluja Justin Bieber Sings Christian Songs

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Paganism at "Coachella" and "Burning Man"

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